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Three of the most beautiful villages in France,

are located in Indre et Loire (Touraine):

Crissay sur Manse, Montrésor and Candé Saint Martin 

Crissay-sur-Manse 30 minutes by car

Renaissance gem in the heart of Touraine

In the heart of Touraine, in the Manse valley, this former châtellenie belonging to the Ile Bouchard and the archbishopric of Tours has preserved the ruins of its 15th century castle, its 16th century church which contains the tomb of Katerine du Bellay, cousin of the poet Joachim du Bellay, and her white tufa mansions where square turrets, mullioned windows and ornate windows take pride of place.


Montrésor 34 min by car

Cradled by the rustling of the Indrois, the river that crosses the village, Montrésor is one of the three  most beautiful villages in France  located in Touraine.

Its pretty medieval streets are an irresistible invitation to take a stroll, which will lead you to the  Montrésor castle  whose stones are home to more than 1000 years of history, and along the river, a veritable aquatic mirror in which the castle and the houses of the village are reflected. A sound path is offered throughout the summer after dark:  solar nights .

Then go up the market street. An imposing building suddenly opens up to your gaze: the  Halle des Cardeux  which recalls that in the 18th century  the village was a textile center where wool was carded, spun and woven. Just in front of the Market Hall, allow yourself a gourmet break at the bakery by falling for their soft macaroons from an authentic recipe from the Middle Ages. Still a little time? Go on ! go visit the  collegiate church of Saint-Jean-Baptiste  where three finely carved alabaster recumbent figures seem to watch over this beautiful building of the Touraine renaissance.

Candes-Saint-Martin  59 minutes by car

Ranked among the most beautiful villages in France, Candes-Saint-Martin is the perfect backdrop for an incredible view: from the north bank of the Loire, the white of the tufa stone of the village separates the blue of the sky and the Loire. 

Place of confluence between the Loire and the Vienne, the village of Candes-Saint-Martin naturally developed as a river port. 

The man who cut his coat in two to share it with a disinherited, is none other than Martin de Tours, former bishop of the  Touraine capital , also called Saint Martin. The piece of cloak that he kept later became an object of veneration, and is at the origin of the word chapel, the place where people came to see the famous cloak!

If many villages bear his name, the holy man died here, in Candes-Saint-Martin. The beautiful  Saint-Martin collegiate church  is also erected on the site of his old house.

It is also there that the legend of "Saint-Martin's summer" was born, when flowers began to bloom in November along the Loire, accompanying the remains of Saint Martin transported by boat. up to the  Basilica of Tours .

A very beautiful village to visit absolutely in the area: Angles sur Anglin in Vienne, the Fortress .

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