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La Grangée welcomes you to its 3 hectare estate surrounded by nature


Activities at Domaine de la Grangée

Jeux Parc du Domaine de la Grangée
Espace jeux au Domaine de la Grangée
Weekend à la campagne
enfants jouant

The park   

Children, let's go on an adventure!


Children's paradise, they can play and run in the grass, cycle, play badminton, swing, jump on the trampoline, have a good time having a snack outside ....


Observe  animals naturally present in the park (squirrels, hares, deer, large  number of birds etc ...), with a little patience you will be able to see them.


Come see our poultry, they will be delighted with your visit!  


(We provide  snowshoes and  steering wheels - deposit 20 €)

The tennis court and pétanque court - Free at 500m in the center of La Chapelle Blanche Saint Martin (key  on request at reception)

Weed-end pèche en Touraine
L'étang de pèche

The Peach                    

A pond near the site is at your disposal, fishing is allowed  (roach, carp, pike ...).


Relaxation is also authorized there, without moderation.

Le Château de Grillemont
Le Château de Grillemont
Château Grillemont vue lointaine

Grillemont castle

The Château de Grillemont located at the Chapelle Blanche St Martin


Nestled in a valley, surrounded by forests and ponds, this fortified castle built under Louis XI was remodeled around 1740 by François-Balthazard Dange d'Orsay, Fermier Général.  We can see the three towers framing the large facades of this beautiful Tuffeau de Touraine residence, from the two roads surrounding the park. Imposing outbuildings, built in 1765, are also part of the property.


The Chapelle Blanche St Martin , is located on the pilgrimage path of Saint Martin, one of the oldest

pilgrimages of Western Christianity (less known than Santiago de Compostela,

it deserves to be discovered  to the rhythm of its bucolic paths steeped in history).

Discover  our beautiful Municipality and  his  the church (listed as historical monuments)

Couple pique-nique romantique


3 new bike loops on the south side!

Alongside the great routes of the Loire à Vélo, Indre à Vélo and Saint Jacques à Vélo, Touraine now has 52 loops that allow you to stroll through our beautiful landscapes.

A ray of sunshine, a bicycle, and let's go!

Manthelan => 28 km - 2h30                       Journey

Escape between fields and ponds                       

Ligueil => 28 km - 2h30

In the shade of the steeples                             Journey

The White Chapel of St Martin  => 40 km - 4h

Deep in the valleys!                               Journey

An unusual getaway in South Touraine

The Pampilles de l'Oisellière

Mathieu and Emilie welcome you to their farm

( for more information)

AOP Sainte Maure de Touraine:

It is the cheese linked to the terroir of Touraine.

Tapered in shape, it is a lactic cheese which is crossed in its heart by a pyrographed rye straw.

Tarifigny (17 km away)

the  planetarium  (Astronomical Society of Touraine), 2 programs: the trip in the solar system and the trip in the universe

The Astronomical Observatory  

The two free educational paths:  Discovering the sky  unusual objects in the universe (2.5 km) and  on  the track of the planets  a miniature solar system (6 km).

Planète et la Lune
Stand de légumes sur un marché

Loches (18 km) - Royal City (Loire Valley)

The Dungeon, the Royal Lodge.

Market days: Wednesday and Saturday morning

The open-air Les Bodins' show on the farm (Les Souchons) in Descartes in July    

Looking for a place to sleep, an accommodation, the Domaine de la Grangée is located 14 minutes from the show?

  the site:

Find out more


In the pretty Lochois countryside, the Domaine de la Grangée offers families or just lovers, a short half-hour walk.

A discovery trail of around 1h30 passing through the Château de Grillemont (its forests and ponds).

Hiking trails from the Chapelle Blanche St Martin ( details here )

For the more knowledgeable, other routes are possible on foot or by bike

Hiking trails : The Riolle Valley ( here are some routes )

 Many activities are available near La Grangée  :

-  Paramotor  at La Chapelle Blanche, baptisms, training ...  (1km)
- Summer swimming pool in Ligueil (5km)

- Le Louroux (10 km): * Aerodrome: ULM, glider

                     *  the large pond of Louroux (5 km course)

                     * the prayer

- Cabri au lait , educational farm in Sepmes  (10 km)
- Lôches Aquatic Park ( Naturéo )

- Flight over Touraine in a hot air balloon (Sainte Catherine de Fierbois at 15 mm)

- Les Anes de Balaam (Chambourg sur Indre) 20 minutes away

- Loches Verneuil golf course  (15km) 
- Canoeing on the Indre river at Veigné nautical base

- Leisure center for swimming, pedalos, water sports, course in the trees ... in Chemillé sur Indrois (20km)


Do not hesitate to contact us to obtain details of these activities in advance. 

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